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aked Feet Productions is the creative result of a slow motion street theatre exercise during the early days of Historic Philadelphia. 20 young enthusiatic silly actors, myself included, approuched the 'Eternal Flame' at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Washington Square Park, Philadelphia. What started out as a slow motion exercise became a study in respecting the dead and honoring their memory. We created a sacred space around that park, people stopped to watch as each one of us made our way to the tomb.

Pure magic; pure theatre; a statement; a sweetness and an experience that would stay with me until the next moment of inspiration.

Sitting on the steps of my alma mater, a slim black man dressed head to toe in bright shiny purple came sauntering down Broad Street. He carried James Brown on his shoulder and stepped to the rhythm of 60's soul. His body owned the sidewalk, charm seeped through every purple fiber and his eye glinted the "Sex Machine" know-how of a man who was living art in motion. That man and his purple suit became a piece of living theatre.

Studying 'theatre in the everyday' I realized 'Antigone' stood beside me in the super market; "King Lear" curled on a park bench wrapped in the classified section; 'Oedipus' rode my bus. Everywhere I looked, theatre and life intermingled.

"How wonderful it would be to have a troupe of actors that could bring forth the artistry and beauty of a the 'everyday'" , I mused "to enlighten the hearts of sour city folks; a troupe that would awaken the minds of the 'Joe Smith's' with their three piece suits and their screen saved eyes. A troupe who held up a mirror to the lives of the jaded and miserable saying - See!! The human condition exists in myths, plays and the everyday!! We are alive! We are ART!!".

Finally after almost eight years of dreaming of her birth, Naked Feet has come into her own.

Naked Feet is committed to creating original works and recreating old works which deconstruct our mythology, figuratively and literally. Naked Feet challenges who we are in regards to the expectations put upon us by ourselves, our religion and our culture. Still staying true to the concepts that fostered her, Naked Feet uses clown, physical theatre, voice and heart to tell her stories.

Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod
Founder/Producing Artistic Director