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Our Concept

Connected to your truth, to the earth, to a grounded sense of purpose; feeling from the soles of your feet, understanding your place in the grand scheme of life and art - Embracing that which is mythical and magical - and all you have to do is take off your shoes...

Our Mission

Naked Feet is committed to creating original works and recreating old  works which de-construct our mythology, figuratively and literally. Naked  Feet challenges who we are in regards to the expectations put upon us  by ourselves, our religion and our culture. Still staying true to the  concepts that fostered her, Naked Feet uses clown, physical theatre,  voice and heart to tell her stories.

Next Up!

Naked Feet is a Co-Producer 

The 3rd Annual Bridge PHL Theatre Festival! 

Nov 1st - 4th 2018

The Rotunda

 4014 Walnut Street Philadelphia

Performers and Performances

The Orphan Tree 2010

Written and Created by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod, Vivian Appler, Jackie Ruggerio, Makaria Tsapatoris MacLeod

Directed by Vivian Appler; Performers: Hannah Tsapatoris Macleod, Jabbar Wright, Lorna Howley, Cyndi Jansen Rose, Jackie Ruggerio, Makaria Tsapatoris, Sarah Robinson 

Women of Fire and Blood 2012

Written and Directed by Lili Bita

Performed by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod

Lysistrata 2012

Adapted by Robert Zaller

Directed by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod

Performers: Lili Bita, Meryl Lynn Brown, Eleanor Thomas, Jill Lawernce, Catherine Moroney, William Crawford, Dan Tobin

Hands Across Veronica 2013

Written by Gin Hobbs

Directed by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod

Performers: Kirsten Quinn, Shelli Pentimall Bookler, Dan Tobin, Meryl Lynn Brown, Shelvy Parades, Zarah Ivans

Julia Caesar: the all female reading of Julius Caesar 2014

Directed by Hannah Tsapatoris Macleod

Performers: TS Baynes, Meryl Lynn Brown, Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod, Donna Kelly Romaro, Tee S. Hawkins, Shelli Pentimall Bookler, Kathy Harmer, Kate Quinn, Olivia Hamilton Jones, William Crawford, Frank Bruchner

Beloved Community 2016

Created by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod, Jarrett Thomas, Emily Dale White, Susan Chase, Lena Lewis, Tasha Holmes and Shelli Pentimall Bookler - with Meryl Lynn Brown

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